May 7th – Prancing Piggy Redux

On National Bike-to-School day, BikeInShapes will be riding in the shape of old Prancing Piggy to support Safe Routes, the Eugene Springfield Safe Routes Schools program. We’ll meet at Oakshire Public House Wednesday May 7th at 7pm, jump on the bacon and be back to imbibe. $1 of every beer will go to Safe Routes. Thanks to Emma for getting this rolling. Learn more about Safe Routes at:


April 16th – A Fern Between Two Ferns

It started with Michael Cera. Then Barak Obama. Now it’s BikeInShape’s turn give an ode to Zach G. in the form of a sorry excuse for a Fern. So, let’s awkwardly meander the shape of A Fern Between Two Ferns. Ninkasi is graciously hosting us, and we’ll meet there this Wednesday at 7pm.

Here’s some classic Bieber to get your amped for the ride:





March 27 – Shape, Rattle & Roll

Let’s Shape, Rattle and Roll. Or, more specifically, let’s shape in a rattle and roll this Thursday, March 27th. BikeInShapes will employ some abstract cubism referencing a baby’s rattle and a cinnamon roll, starting at 7pm from the Growler Guys (on 7th and Washington) and finishing at the Bier Stein.  Shape your Polaroid picture!


February 20th – Clyde the Ghost

Bee bee bee bee bee bee bee bee…it’s time for Pac Man BikeInShapes…this month let’s highlight Clyde the orange ghost. Meet in front of Belly Taqueria at 7pm this Thursday. Something lime and salty-rimmed may follow…


January 23rd – Cindy Crawford’s Mole

Moley moley moley, let’s kick off the New Year around and around the mole of all moles, Cindy Crawford’s mole. We’ll meet at First National Tap House on Thursday January 23rd at 7pm. Mark your calendar, it’ll be a moleumental night. Click on “Maps” to see the detailed embedded map.


November 21st – Tofurkey over Kale

Thanksgiving in the Willamette Valley calls for only the finest ingredients. Let’s wet our mock-tryptophan taste buds this Thursday, and ride in the shape of a glistening Tofurkey over Kale. We’ll meet at the new Hop Valley in the Whitaker at 7pm, Thursday and the pligramage-cycle will ensue. Vegans, veggieheads, flexitarians, and even carnivores are all welcome! tofurkeyoverkale

October 17th – Modrian’s Compostion with Red, Blue, Yellow

Are you ready for the Prime-ary time?! Let’s dip our wheels, and paint an ode to the original city grid artist…Piet Mondrian. Meet at Falling Sky’s new Delicatessan (on 10th & Blair) on Thursday, October 17th at 7pm and ride this way and that. Extra points for wearing your favorite primary color!



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